For the first two days of this project I didn’t know I was doing it yet. I had taken the photo to the left just cause it’s fun to take photos with my beautiful baby. I was already rolling around the idea of the 365 project, but hadn’t decided. I had stopped my Photo a Day because I couldn’t keep up with it anymore, not with a new baby. I guess now that she is approaching her 1st birthday I’m in the routine of everyday life and can find the time or at least some time take on this endeavor. (Of course I am writing this with one hand while I hold her and she kisses/bites me and Aidan, my almost 7-year-old son, continues to ask me to play another game of checkers and the dog is barking to come in out of the rain, haha.) I had been following a very talented young lady on Facebook who is at the end of this project and seeing her photos everyday made me want to do it even more. I even stole her idea of having a quote for each one. (I let her know I was stealing and she was totally cool with it.) So #1 to the left is: “I want to be the one to walk in the sun, Oh girls they want to have fun”~ Cyndi Lauper. #2 to the right is: “There’s only one pretty child in the world and every mother has it” ~ Proverb. The second one was inspired by the wonderful paintings of Mary Cassatt. I truly had that idea in mind as I took the photo and edited it. That second day I decided this is it! I have to do it! For my sanity, for therapy, for my art and photography and just cause. So here we go!