The day before I had taken a few photos that didn’t make the cut. The smaller image is the one that I kept. I liked the lighting and the composition, but the quality of the image was horrid. It was extremely grainy, because I had been shooting in low light with a not low enough shutter speed, because I was hand holding the camera. In non-photographer lingo this means that if I set the camera for the correct setting for the light the photo would have been a blurry mess.

I saved this image anyway and it came in handy. On day seven I hadn’t taken any photos yet, much like today, haha. I pulled this one up on Photoshop and started messing around with filters, layers and the like. I tend to come back, over and over to the idea of a sea-nymph. Not a mermaid, but something much smaller, stranger and not half fish. It all started with a small painting I did in 2005 of my new-born son. It wasn’t turning out as I wanted it to and it became something else entirely. I dubbed it Sea Nymph. Not long after that I painted another small creature and it became Sea Nymph II. Then years later, last year actually, it showed itself again in a new form, the digital photo.

It is an idea that continues to rear its head. Perhaps I need to explore it more, make a series, frame them and have a show. What do you think? Anyway when I started working with day seven’s image I wasn’t trying to create another one. I was actually trying to make something new. I made a new layer, did some Photoshop painting and when I revealed the layer underneath meshed with the painted layer it screamed at me! Here I am again! Sea Nymph, what, what? There must be something in my unconsciousness that wants to live in the sea.

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always our self we find in the sea.” ~e.e. cummings