The morning of day twelve I had a literal brain-storm on the way to class. I was listening to one of my favorite Autumn-time albums, Type O Negative’s “October Rust” and my favorite song of their’s “Wolf Moon.” The wonderous sounds and lyrics of the song filled my head with imagery and all of a sudden I wanted to do a series of Halloween related photos, transforming myself into the spooky cast of typical characters. The were-wolf had to be first. When I got home the first thing I did was snap some shots of me making some scary, growly faces. The first image I put together in Photoshop was a bust. It was not working at all and was trashed without a second thought. I started working on this one. I must have spent almost two hours total on the images. I could have spent another two on just this one. I have some weaknesses when it comes to Photoshop and this type is it. There are many different ways to do any one thing in that program and although I have learned different ways to do this I can’t seem to perfect it. Practice makes perfect though. I am not completely happy with this image. I like the face, but not the face and the background together. Oh well, I spent too much time on it as it was. Call it done and walk away, better luck next time.

 “Beware the woods at night, beware the lunar light.”
~ Peter Steele