I wanted to continue with my Halloween series. On day seventeen I busted out the make-up and the cloak. My husband was home that day and was kind enough to let me borrow his neck. Turns out I didn’t really need to cloak or the red make-up. It ended up being all black and white, I re-added the red and you can’t really see the cloak anyway. None of the photos were strong enough on their own, but many of them were interesting. That is why I decided to go with the collage on this one. I had done a very similar photo collage to this one last year and it turned out nicely. Overall I am pretty satisfied with this image. There are a few little areas that could have used some more work, but when you are popping out one of these everyday, you can’t spend forever on every image. Never-the-less it was a fun shoot. I always enjoyed dressing up and acting like a vampire. I think I sported the vamp gear on more than a few Halloweens.

“The blood is the life!” ~Bram Stoker