The night before when my husband was passed out on the couch, before he woke up and we toasted our anniversary, I had plenty of time to take a bunch of photos. I sat on the floor of our computer room/art & music studio and just kept shooting. I wasn’t totally sure where I was going, just trying to capture something I could use, that might be different from what I had been doing. This shot was with the camera on the computer chair, self-timer, flash attachment, using the blank wall behind me as a backdrop. Although it’s a bit plain, not much going on, I am pleased with it. And yes, I have been cheating a bit. I think it will be necessary. Sometimes I just have to take photos when I have the time, leave them for another day and edit them on the correct day. Nothing I can do about it.

 “If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you’re a one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind.” ~Kurt Vonnegut