The day before I had seen a photo on DeviantART of a woman curled up on the ground and the perspective of the camera was high above her and behind. It was an intriguing image and it got me thinking about what I could do with the ground and the grass. I stole a few minutes with my camera, flash and bounce while I was supposed to be in the kitchen cleaning or something. I went out behind my house, laid down in the grass, sat the camera a ways away from me, set the self-timer and took a few shots. If anyone saw me out there they were probably wondering what this crazy woman was doing laying on the ground taking photos of herself. Sometimes you have to do embarrassing things in the name of art. While I was shooting these I already knew what quote I was going to use. There is a fantastic song by Dave Matthews that he did with his solo project that also has a fantastic video. It always makes me cry, but I love it so. It is a haunting song that kind of sticks with you forever. Below is a link for anyone who is interested. Anyhoo, editing was a bit different from what I planned. I wasn’t expecting to go black and white. However, the image was a bit blown out and lost some of the detail. It looked cool like this and even though it wasn’t my initial intent I think it illustrates what I was going for.

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain” ~Dave Matthews