Day forty-five is my one and only tattoo. It is rather large, all grey-scale, on my upper right thigh. I drew it and my very good friend and fantastic Virginia artist David Zobel did all the work. It has a ton of symbolism behind it. The tree concept is based on the family tree. The roots are strong and run deep. The birds are something that my Grandfather, whom also was an artist, used in his work. I never got to know him very well, he died when I was a child. However, I feel like I know him because of his art. It was always in our house and is in my house now as well. Overall it’s a tribute to my artistic ROOTS. The photo was a bit difficult to take. Trying to get the focus and angle right as you are holding your camera at arm’s length to photograph your own leg isn’t as easy as it may seem.

“In all ages, far back into prehistory, we find human beings have painted and adorned themselves.”~H.G. Wells