Holy Moly I have gotten so behind on my blogs! Christmas is a busy, busy time. I think after the new year I will have more time to keep up with this. I finished my math class with an A, and have decided not to take another class next semester. Stay at home take care of the house, the kids, the animals, cook, clean and work on my art; sounds good to me. Anyhoo, I wanted to capture the motion of my hair being up in the air, do something a bit fun. It was difficult. I couldn’t get the timing down or get myself in focus. Finally after I had made myself so dizzy I was nauseous and felt like I had pulled a stomach muscle I settled for this image. The timing was perfect, but not the focus. That shirt I’m wearing use to be my Dad’s back in the 80’s. I think we have a Christmas photo when I was about 6 of him wearing it. Goes to show they don’t make things like they use to. I don’t think any shirt made today would hold up for 25 years. Because the shirt is retro I thought it would be cool to make it look like an old Polaroid. However I wasn’t satisfied with the image alone, multiple layers to the rescue again! I really love this one, even though it’s out of focus., one of my favs from this project thus far.

 “We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” ~Kurt Vonnegut