I have been doing extensive research into my family tree. One branch of my Father’s has led to some amazing finds. A King of Norway, a King of Denmark, a succession of Welsh Kings, five knights, about a half-dozen Earls, some Lords, some Sheriffs and a Welsh/English line of men with names like Alcwm, Grwst and my oldest so far Tegvan “Glof” born in 325 in Yorkshire, England.

Looking through this many names, places, time periods and years of history has made me come to some conclusions. First ,the world changes, power shifts, society changes and life persists. Second, 2012 is yet another “end of the world” fiasco. Everyone is all hyped up, remember we did this about twelve years ago and nothing happened? Unless the sun explodes the Earth isn’t going anywhere. Unless every country with a nuclear weapon points it somewhere else and pushes the button the human race will continue to exist. Wars happen, power shifts, natural disasters change the face of the planet, people die, but LIFE persists. Remember that!