Until I was about 18 or 20 I hated my hair. Other people liked it, I always was praised for it, but I couldn’t stand it. I finally figured out how to control it around that time; which is basically don’t do anything to it. I wash it, sometimes use conditioner, and ONLY brush it when it is WET, NEVER DRY! Ever since then I’ve been ok with my hair, sometimes I actually love it too. It has been growing without a cut since last summer sometime. I’m ready for a trim, but haven’t found the time or money to go get it done.

This shot I was actually  trying to photograph my feet, but my long hair keep getting in the way. So, I decided to switch subject matter. My camera is to my eye. My hair is flipped over my head and falling over the top of the camera. Viola! That’s the ticket! I like this photo. My curls were nice that day, the color is rich and lovely and the light spreading from the bottom to the top helps create a nice light to dark ratio.

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” ~Martin Luther

Maybe for some, definitely for me, Martin Luther, but not for all.