I had this idea a few years back to create animals paintings for the kids in my family based on the idea that if they were an animal what would they be. I did a bunny for my niece, a hawk for my nephew and this is for my son, the fox.  What animal would you be? I would be an owl. Now I have a daughter. Right now I think she would be a cute, chunky little baby bird. She might be different as she gets older, but that might be the painting she gets. I have a new niece just born today, about an hour ago! Who knows what she will be.

This was my second session of painting. It is coming along nicely. I’m doing it in oils, which I love, but don’t have as much experience in as acrylic or watercolor. I enjoy this photo almost as much as I enjoy my painting. Hoping to get back to is soon. I want to finish it, I have a million other ideas to start!

“Painting is silent poetry.”  ~Plutarch, Moralia