These two shots were taken together. It was night and I was about to take a shower. I wanted to try some out-of-focus-on-purpose shots; give a little mystery and abstraction.  I really like how these came out. There were some other good shots from that night too. Black and white or sepia always makes things look so much classier. If these shots would have stayed in color they would look terrible. The top shot is a reflection in the bathroom mirror. The bottom shot is standing underneath my bedroom light with the camera pointing up. I will definitely work with this out of focus technique again.

“the direction of the eye   so misleading   the defection of the soul   nauseously quick” ~Eddie Vedder

“the smallest oceans still get big, big waves” ~Eddie Vedder

I had just watched Pearl Jam Twenty. Pearl Jam has always been a favorite band of mine, and up until my early twenties my favorite band. Watching that movie made me love them all over again, hence the quotes.