Once my roses from Valentine’s Day were just about wilted is when I really took notice to the baby’s breath. I’ve always liked this little flower and its name. I immediately  had an inspiration to scan some. I snatched a stem full and went to the scanner. The image underneath was taken on a different day, but it wasn’t used. Once I scanned it and placed it on the photo I played around with it until I got the idea to make sort of mandala; a circle of baby’s breath stemming from the center. Black and white seemed the natural choice, since the photo and the scan were so different in color. A simple black frame to seal the deal and done. I wasn’t too happy with this one, but a friend of mine was so pleased she bought a print! I guess that makes me like it a bit more.

“baby’s breath: noun a tall plant, Gypsophila paniculata,  of the pink family, having lance-shaped leaves and numerous small, fragrant, white or pink flowers.” ~Dictionary.com