I had been having some internal issues, so I made an appointment with the doctor. She made me get an overall blood test done. I’m a terrible stick, I usually walk out with no less than three holes in my arm,s because they can never find my veins. Although this day I had a very nice lady who had been doing that job for 40 years! I told her my problem and she got it in only two. I still needed this big wrap thing. I like this photo, even though it makes my arm hurt. The test came back with good news, everything looked great. All other tests came back clear, so according to the doctor nothing is wrong. It has put my mind at ease and I haven’t had many issues since, a bit of pain, but overall I think my mind made a bigger deal out of it than was really wrong in my body.

“Blood is that fragile scarlet tree we carry within us.” ~Osbert Sitwell