I was watching an old episode of Ghost Hunters that I somehow had never seen, I thought I had seen them all at this point. It was the one were they go to Ireland. In the second half they go to these ruins out in middle of a field somewhere and Grant sitts out there by himself. He starts seeing what to him looks like little figures running all around him and hearing lots of voices. Ireland has a long-standing history of fairy-folk and sometimes I think it might not be a myth. There are other dimensions in the world, science knows this, whose to say there aren’t other creatures in them too and from time to time our dimensions mingle. In my opinion that could even be our own afterlife. Anyway it got me thinking and I had a vision of this photo. I thought maybe I could pull it off. I took some photos of myself with my head tilted the way I had seen it in my vision. Then I went through and pulled up tons of old photos of nature, roots, leaves, flowers, plants, anything that could had nice texture to my photo. There are 5 or 6 bits and pieces taken from other photos that make up this portrait. I am very happy with it. It came out just how I wanted it to, I think making a sketch of it helped. I should do that more often. I didn’t get much feed back on this one and not nearly as much as I had thought. Sometimes making art is like that. You make something you love and no one cares, you make something you hate and 800 people think it’s awesome. Go figure. 😉

“The fairies went from the world, dear, Because men’s hearts grew cold: And only the eyes of children see What is hidden from the old…” ~Kathleen Foyle