This photo was taken in Austin, Texas. I had been invited by a friend in the Killeen Civic Art Guild to participate in an art exhibit through the Taylor Art Guild. The exhibit was to create a piece of French themed art in pastels for a display outside of a grocery store. The store was featuring a French themed fest complete with a band playing French songs. I created this piece of the Rock Cliffs of the Normandy Coast and so named.


It was a super awesome trip. I only sold a few magnets, but I got to spend the day with good friends and met a bunch of new people. Plus on the way home we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant. Overall it was a wonderful experience. One that created some great memories that I will ever forget. I miss those art friends in Texas. Perhaps one day I will go back to visit.


“All art requires courage.” ~Anne Tucker

Side note, I have since ruined those capris. I got bleach all over them when I was cleaning our apartment. Today I wore them to give the dog a bath, haha.