These shots where taken outside the Killeen Civic Art Guild in Killeen, Texas. I had been walking by these cool plants for months and always thinking that I wanted to include them in one of my 365 photos. I spent some time on the hot sidewalk trying to get a good shot of me with the plants in the background. It is very hard to frame a good shot of yourself using a self timer without a tripod. Every time you pick up the camera you move the position. It took MANY trys to get the second shot in this post. Between it not being framed correctly and me not liking what I looked like in the photo, it took forever. Needless to say I really like how it came out. I really do like the way I look in it, plus I captured those awesome plants. The first shot was an extra that just happened to turn out pretty cool even though I was just messing around. Sometimes a gem will be uncovered when you least expect it.


“Beauty draws us with a single hair.” ~Alexander Pope


“The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself.” ~Elizabeth Metcalf