When I first starting working for Ritz Camera in 2005, we sold this movie on the counter and I never really knew why. I read the back of the DVD more than once and knew that I wanted to watch it, but never did. I found it on Netflix in 2009 and still never watched it. A year later I watched it! It was amazing! Released in 2004, this touching documentary is about a group of children in a Calutta, India brothel. It all started when photographer Zana Briski began living and documenting the women of the brothel. It turned into a massive journey and effort for the children of the brothel instead. Zana became very close to the children and began to teach them photography. The film shows a wide variety of subjects and events from their lives. It is disturbing, heart-wrenching, yet filled with laughter and excitement. The children are brilliant and beyond their years in wisdom. This film is a must-see if you think you can handle it. I barely made it through! I would defintely recommend it to any photographer.  5 stars!