It took two rounds to watch this one. We started late the first night and my husband fell asleep. This bizarre movie came out in 2002 and stars Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. It was written, directed and produced by Paul Thomas Anderson. Also known for that ridiculous movie that people watched for one reason and one reason only, Boogie Nights. The acting was great! This may have been the first movie that Sandler was in that one, he didn’t write and two, wasn’t entirely slap-stick comedy. Seeing him not in his usual character was peculiar and Emily Watson was adorable. Philip Seymour Hoffman, also in Charlie Wilson’s War, was excellent, as usual, as an irate con-man. The story line was lacking. The beginning delved deep into the psyche of a disturbed, hyper-paranoid Barry Egan, with 7, count them, 7 over-bearing, insane sisters. With the use of interludes of moving colors and music that was more noise than music, it really made you feel his anxiety. Barry’s story takes 2 paths. One of love and one of conflict. This is were the movie picks up and leaves you wondering how these two narrative paths with collide. The ending, however, is as shallow of a plot as they come. It leaves you wanting more and was a bit disappointing. I would give this movie 3 out 5. Is is worth seeing, but do not get your hopes up.