My family and I recently watched Hugo one and a half times. One and half times you ask? Yes, one and a half times, because my husband stopped watching and then had to leave half way through the first time. This award winning film was directed by the man himself, Martin Scorsese, known for his darker adult works like Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. Something you may not know about him is that he has one of the largest private collections of old films. I once had a film professor in college that had worked for Scorsese. His job was to keep up with the massive film collection that Scorsese has protected and preserved. So as I watched this film which has an underlying film history story I was not surprised in the slightest.

The movie is based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. The movie starts out with an enduring story about an orphaned French boy whom lives within the clockworks of a train station. He has to keep his occupation of said clockworks a secret from the train station guard. He steals bits of machinery from a toy shop owner and becomes friends with a bookworm girl. Most of whom are recognizable British actors and actresses. Without giving up too much of the plot, about half way through the film you find out some vital information about one of the characters. This is when the film history lesson rolls out in a beautiful array of scenes. Some original film clips are used from turn of the century movies, some of which I can only assume come from Scorsese’s own collection. This was his first film shot in 3D. Considering that I watched this at home two years after it was released I did not get to watch it in 3D. I can only imagine how it must have looked on the big screen through those black glasses. It is a remarkably gorgeous film. You will be swept away in the details of every scene. It won 5 Oscars and a Golden Globe. Like most Scorsese films, it can be a bit disjointed and a little long winded; however, it is a fantastic movie. A must see for any film enthusiast, film student or film maker, plus it’s a fun family movie. 4.5 out of 5 stars from this chica.