I have no idea what I was going for with this shot or when I took it. I must have been in the sun. The lighting looks like a low setting sun, hence the detail in the eyes and placement of the shadows. I must not have liked it as a straight image. That is why I made it a mirror image instead. I have previously created photos in this fashion. It is pretty simple really. You figure out what size the image is you want to use. Then you double the length or height depending on which direction you plan on mirroring. Then you make a new canvas in Photoshop. You copy and paste the image into the new canvas and move it to one side or the other. Then you copy and paste it again, flipping its direction so the 2 images are facing each other. This will give you 2 layers. You may need to work on the positioning so that they are flush with each other. Then you use the blur tool to blur out the harsh line that was created by butting the 2 images together. Flatten the layers and done! I like this image and all the images I have made this way. I am sure it will be something I do again in the future.


“Yeah runnin’ down a dream that never would come to me” ~ Tom Petty