My husband and I watched The Possession a couple nights ago. This 2012 horror film was directed by Ole Bornedal, a Danish film maker whom also directed the 2007 thriller Nightwatch with the fabulous Ewan McGregor. It was produced by the cult classic creator of Evil Dead, Sam Raimi. This a pretty typical demonic possession movie, hence the title. It involves a separated family with two teenish girls. The younger child buys a creepy box from a yard sale and the craziness begins. Contrary to every other demon movie the Catholic church is not involved. This movie brings in the Hasidic Jews for some assistance. I enjoyed that aspect of the film. It was a nice change from the usual Jesus and crosses and holy water bit. There was plenty of creepy, looking with one eye closed, wriggling in your chair scenes. There was also some terrible editing. At once point the fade from one scene to the other was so long my husband turned to me and said, “Was that for a commercial break?” The acting from Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the father, was pretty good; not to mention he’s not bad to look at for 92 minutes. On the other hand, Kyra Sedgwick, whom I usually love, was mediocre. I was slightly disappointed with her acting in this film. The story line was decent, but there was some pretty choppy parts that made it feel a bit disjointed. Overall I would give this flick a 3 out of 5. Worth seeing if you really love horror, thrillers, and demonic possession themes. If you don’t then maybe you shouldn’t waste your time.