I really love how this came out. It had to start out as a crappy pic from the point and shoot Nikon. Then I made it awesome! I started with the idea of mirroring but it turned into something totally different. I think I used the solarize filter in Photoshop, along with other adjustments to the contrast. I placed the same image into a new canvas four times and rotated them each to create the pinwheel effect. Then I added the different black lines, varying the thickness. Then I added a cool quote from one of my favorite bands, Madder Mortem, and there you have  it. Goes to show that if you have the time you can change a cruddy pic into something sweet.



“Blood that is purer than the poison in your veins;
Love that runs truer than the hatred and the pain;
That’s the blood that runs in me” ~Agnete M Kirkevaag