This is when the project got even more out of whack then it already had been. I am a stickler for things being in chronological order. Especially when I started this project, every photo had to be in the order that it was taken. I file all my photos on my computer by date. Folders and sometimes even file names will be by the numbers of the day, for example today’s photo’s folder would be 07282013. It can be a bit OCD-ish. These two photos are when I had to throw my hands up and say, “I just can’t do it! They aren’t going to be in order, damn it!” I was using my son’s point and shoot, my Mom’s decent Nikon, my cruddy cell phone and eventually my friends Nikon D50. There were too many places my photos were coming from. In order to keep up with the project I needed to add them as I got them on the computer instead of when I took them. (As you can see, if you have been reading this all along, this project has been through some mess.) These two shots were taken before we got back to Virginia. Well actually they were taken in the car in the mountains of Virginia, on the last leg of the trip. I was in the passenger seat, while my Mom was driving. I took pics of all kinds of stuff, including myself. This was the result. We were all still in a good mood at this point, the last hour was a bit different. We were all at our wits end.


“I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.” ~Frank A. Clark


“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~St. Augustine