This was my birthday last year. Wanna know what I did on my birthday last year? My husband was in Texas and I was in VA. I was living back at home with my parents. They were at work all day. The septic tank’s pump had gone out and the plumber people who had to come replace it came that day, on my birthday. My Dad called me to see how it was going and he said, “You really are having a shitty birthday, huh?” Yes, yes I did. My Mom did make me this yummy cake and as I didn’t really feel like waiting until the evening I decided to have a piece at lunch. Since I was there alone with my kids I had to put my own candles on and light them and sing myself happy birthday. I took this photo as I was about to blow out the candles. My husband saw it later and said, “You look so sad.” I pretty much was. it was my third birthday without him there, thanks Army. Anyway, it wasn’t really that bad. I’ve had worse birthdays. This year is going to be different. We are all in the same place!


“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.” ~Jean Paul Richter