Both of these shots were taken at the Petersburg Regional Art Center where I had my art studio. I had gone up there alone one night after a stressful day. I wanted to work on some art. I had this great idea for a mixed media painting on a large canvas. I was inspired to use some of the rotting and rusty crap my parent’s hoard in their backyard. I had found this long rusty porch swing chain and sealed it. Then I got to painting the canvas. That is what I was doing this night. I went up to my studio on the third floor and realized I needed to use the bathroom. Of course the bathroom is on the second floor. So I tramped through the spooky more than a century old building at night to the second floor. I took the first shot in the beveled bathroom mirror. Even though it’s a bad cell phone pic I like it. I like the double reflection of the bevel. I also like the way that I look, that is usually rare. The second shot is my hand after I had a very successful painting session. It was emotional, I used all the stress of the day and months and put it into that painting. The finished product can be seen below.


“Each of us is something of a schizophrenic personality, tragically divided against ourselves.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


“When painting, an artist must take care not to trap his soul in the canvas.” ~Terri Guillemets