He patted his neck, stroked his mane and said some kind words to the horse. The huge beast under him made him feel powerful. It gave him a thrill of excitement that nothing else in his short life had managed to do. Sitting there a top this massive animal got his heart racing and his blood flowing. When he was ready he gave a quick flick of his riding crop and off they went, fast and faster still. To the young man he could never go fast enough. He wished he could ride forever. To him there was nothing greater in the far-flung corners of the world than galloping through the country side with his horse.
Until one day he met her. He came into the parlor and standing there in a green floor length and full skirted dress was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. She was short and small. She had light brown hair pulled up around her delicate face. Her eyes were large and liquidy. She was engaged in conversation with his sister. He stood there and watched her. She had an energy about her that was like sun light bursting through storm clouds on a summer evening. She smiled, laughed and seemed to frolic just standing still.