I was really tired of hand held shots, so I set my camera on a stack of boxes that still needed to be unpacked. This is the other room in that apartment that I didn’t mind, the kitchen. It was at least spacious. even if it did have a stove/oven from 1930 and there was no exhaust and the window had a big space that let the cold air in and the hot air out and the washer and dryer were right there and the wash machine backed up all the time and the dryer had no exhaust pipe so we had to open the door. Ok so that apartment totally sucked and the kitchen wasn’t so great after all. Regardless this is a good shot. I think I look alright. I like my pose. I don’t mind that the dog made an appearance. Overall it’s pretty good. Glad we don’t live there anymore though.


“Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.” ~Author Unknown