I had finally joined the rest of the first world people by procuring an iPhone. These were some of my first self portraits using it. My Nikon D40 was still out of commission at this point. I may have sent it out to be repaired. This was shortly after we moved into our tiny apartment. I feel like that was so long ago now and sometimes like it never happened at all. The first one was a night we had some company over. It was really late, but I was enjoying the night and didn’t want it to end. Although it is super yellow and orange I really like that shot. I like the composition and expression. The second one was done with a few different apps. I like that one too. It was fun to create something using a new device and media. I like all the layers.


“It’s getting late, but does the night have to end?” ~Me


“A grownup is a child with layers on.” ~Woody Harrelson