Now that the summer is here, for me at least, I have taken up my age old tradition of going to the library on a regular basis. If you didn’t know that your local library has movies for you to check out for freeeeee, than you are missing out. I checked this one out and watched it last night. A few years back I watched An American Werewolf in London and loved it! When I saw this one on the library shelf I knew it wasn’t the same just by reading the back of the DVD case. It basically said that this is a badass movie because of its contemporary soundtrack. What? Who bases the badassery of a movie on the soundtrack alone? I was immediately skeptical, but I checked it out anyway.  

This film came out in 1997 and is supposedly a sequel to the London film from 1981. It couldn’t be any different. About the only things that are similar are the fact that there are werewolves, there is Americans in Europe and the main character looks similar to the main character in the London film. The plot, acting and dialogue are all pretty poor. The CGI is a atrocious! It is comparable to the CGI in Ghostbusters that came out more than 10 years earlier! Even the makeup was bad. An American Werewolf in London was nominated for a makeup Oscar, can’t say the same for this mess. The music was pretty good, if you enjoy 90’s rock. Unfortunately it took up the whole movie. Bungee jumping was obviously the lastest, greatest, most awesome thing ever, since there were 2 bungee jumping scenes. Just laughable.
Overall there were some decent parts, but as a whole it was pretty crappy. I’m giving this flop a 1.5 out of 5.