A few weeks ago on my trip to California, while staying with my Aunt, I took some photos of old photos of my Great Grandmothers and Grandma when they were young women. A week later I was showing these photos off and my Grandmother-in-law stated that they were all beautiful and that I came from a long line of beautiful women. That must be were I got it from. While I agreed that THEY were all beautiful, I blew off the idea of ME being beautiful. Yesterday was my birthday, I got dressed up and even put on make-up. I FELT beautiful. Last night as I was taking off my make-up, looking in the mirror, I had this revelation: If I think that the women in my family that came before me; my Grandmothers on both sides, my Great-Grandmothers on both sides and of course my own mother, the fact that I don’t find myself beautiful is not only disrespectful to them it also makes no sense! I AM THEM! I am made up of their genes, therefore I am them. If I think they are beautiful then I must be beautiful too. Not to mention I have the most beautiful daughter in the whole world and guess what? She looks just like ME! So… F this low self-esteem BS. It just doesn’t add up. I know I will have lows points, but I’m done thinking that I am not beautiful. I am stating here and now that I AM BEAUTIFUL! I am made up of little pieces of the beautiful women who came before me and I was fortunate to pass on those amazing genes to another little lady. So when you are feeling ugly, fat, worthless, and less than beautiful think on that for a while. I’ll try to remind myself of it too. 🙂