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I had taken this photo as part of a photo a day project with the prompt being “Water.” A simple shot with my iPhone, using an app I really like called TtV Camera of the bathroom faucet with the water running. I posted it on Facebook and didn’t think too much of it. One of my friends freaked out and wanted to see if I knew the person in the reflection. I was like, “What? What?” I was in the bathroom alone, in the AM before any of my family was even awake. Sure enough there is what looks like a person in the top of the faucet on the top tier of the part where the water comes out. It looks like a short woman with poufy, dark, shoulder length hair with a dark dress on. I have watched every episode of Ghost Hunters, so I went straight to trying to debunk it. I went back and took more photos with the same app in as close to the same position that I could get in. There was nothing that even remotely looked like that figure. The faucet was dirty, but I didn’t clean it between photos. Plus the dirty parts show up as white, not dark. the figure blocks the door frame, that was one of the things that made it strange. If it was part of the door it would only show up on the door, not in front of and beside it.



The first photo with the figure.



An enlarged close-up with the figure circled.


A shot with no figure. There is a highlight on the door that clearly does not show up in the photo with the figure, because she is standing in front of it!



This is what is reflected in the faucet. If there was a woman standing there she would have been very short, about 5 feet tall. She also would have been standing partly IN the hamper. My husband and I worked together to see if we could recreate it and it was not possible. I had to move the hamper and I was way too tall to reflect totally in the faucet.


I am not saying this is a ghost. I never felt, heard or experienced anything paranormal other than this photo in that apartment. We did have the City Point Cemetery right behind our apartment. It could have been a ghost passing through. It could have been a time slip. it could have been a view into a parallel universe for all I know. All I do know is that it is something unexplainable.


Someone Lingers

Someone woke me up this morning

Sleeping deep in a dream of dreams

A light touch of a hand brushed against my hair

I woke with a start realizing my hour away obligation

In my haze of slumber I hear my husband snoring

The cat is not on the bed

I say thank you

Thank you for waking me

And somehow I feel comforted and loved

Through the whole of the day


Keeping with my Halloween spooks series, I created a ghost image on day thirteen. I put on a long black dress and set up the camera on a make-shift tripod, since I am obviously too lazy to get mine out.  Set the camera to a nice slow shutter speed, so any movement would be caught and started taking pics with the self-timer. At first I tried walking toward the camera, but I couldn’t go fast enough and many looked like I had a zombie gait instead. Then I tried standing at the end of the hall and moving my limbs. That didn’t look too great either. Then I walked from one room to the other and got a really nice blurry movement shot, that could totally pass for a shadow person. That is basically what this shot is, but it wasn’t obvious that it was a ghost. I had this other shot where I looked really creepy, but the overall image was poop, so I combined the two. The ghostly image is just me from the creepy-poop shot, on top of the nice blurry shadow person shot. It doesn’t make much sense to have the two together, but the way I was thinking about it was this: Many times when someone claims to have seen a ghost, it was one of those out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye deals. That was what I was thinking of with this image. This is what you might see as you are walking past a hallway at night and see something unexplainable out of the corner of your eye, look back and it’s gone.

 “Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night.” ~J.M. Barrie