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My husband bought me these amethyst earrings for Christmas that year. I was attempting to take some photos of them and this is what I got. I like the black and white one, the color one is ok too.  The black and white one is interesting to me. Sometimes you have a specific idea of what you think you look like and then something comes along and makes you realize you have no idea what you really look like. The more photos I took of myself for this project the more I realized I look very much like a cousin of mine.  I previously thought we couldn’t have been more different. Perception is very interesting to me.


“If you want to be happy, be.” ~Leo Tolstoy


“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” ~George Eliot


I have an Etsy shop and enjoy looking through all the wonderful art and items that others post for sale.  I also enjoy making treasury lists from time to time with themes that I like to look at. A while back I made one called “The Goddess Within”; I am always drawn to art that portrays the female form. One such piece I was totally in love with; “Goddess of the Black Sun” by corderart. I posted it to my Facebook and my Mom saw it. She bought it for me and surprised me with it as an early Mother’s Day gift. I had no idea what the package was when I got it out of the mail box. When I opened it and saw it I started to cry. I live in Texas and my Mom lives in Virginia and I miss her dearly. Seeing this great work of art and knowing that it was now mine and it was from my wonderful Mom for Mother’s Day was just too much. I immediately hung it up in my art studio space and took this photo. One of my favorite gifts of all time for sure! The photo itself is pretty bad, but what it symbolizes to me is worth more than I can say.

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” ~Pierre Corneille

Services for Sale!

I am offering two services for sale on Etsy:

Black and White Graphite Drawings:

I have been making and studying art since the age of 12. One of the things I am best at drawing are faces. I enjoy drawing portraits from photographs and real life. Let me draw one for you! Each drawing will be 9″x12″, black and white, done with graphite on high quality drawing paper. I take my time and do my best.

Email me or send me a photograph or you or a loved one, preferably from the waist or shoulders up. Make sure that it is of decent quality and size; the better the original photo the better the drawing. If you send me a photograph I will be sure to return it with your drawing. Allow me up to one month to complete your drawing. The original drawing will be mailed to you with a certificate of authenticity. Have one done of you, for a loved one or to remember those who have passed on. I do ask that you allow me to use the image of your drawing in my portfolio. Thanks!

To see examples or purchase this service please visit this link.

One of a Kind Digital Art Portraits:

One of my favorite things to do is create digital portraits using photographs. I have been doing these since 2006. Now I want to make them for others! Email me a photograph of you, a friend or family member. Try to use a photo that is decent quality and size, the better the orginial photo the better the portrait will be. Send me some info about the person: favorite colors, interests, hobbies, anything that would be useful in creating your one of a kind portrait. If you have an idea already, share it with me. I cannot promise that it will be the same visual idea that you have, but I can promise that it will be made with care and passion.They can be abstract, surreal and definitely artsy.  Please allow 2 weeks for a return email with your finished product. Use them as your Facebook photo, your Twitter image, have one made for a special someone, print one out and give it as a gift. Once it is emailed it is your’s to do with as you please, just give me credit as the artist and help spread the word. The only thing I ask in return is that you allow me to use it in my portfolio. Thanks!


To see examples or purchase this service please visit this link.


Once again my in-laws were about to leave to go back to Ol’ Virginny. The night of day fifty-four we did an early Christmas gift exchange with them. This was my gift. I don’t call them “Mom and Dad”, I call them Chuck and Diana. However, they put Mom and Dad on the gift tag. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I have been with their son for almost 16 years and married for 8. Needless to say I have been apart of the family for a long time. I know that they love me, but it was just a nice reminder.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”  ~Peg Bracken