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Three hundred and four

I love this photo. Much earlier in this project I did a manipulated portrait of myself as a lion. I am a Leo, hence the inspiration. I thought it would be fun to create self-portraits depicting all of the astrological signs, but Leo and Gemini were the only two that made it. My husband is a Gemini, and very much so. Therefore I think about that sign on a regular basis. I love using mirrors in my photography. It is something so simple that can really create a unique effect.


“It’s hard to tell where reality ends and illusion begins. They blend -then they separate.” ~Linda Goodman-The Gemini


All of these shots are from the same shoot. As I went along with this project I found that I used many of the same techniques, always trying to get a different result. Sometimes it was successful, other times not. This particular technique, used in the first two images, is something I came across just playing around with my camera. On my Nikon D50 there is a shutter speed setting called bulb. This setting allows you to hold the shutter open as long as you are holding down the shutter release button. I discovered early on that I can use the flash with this setting and the flash will only go off as I let go of the shutter release. It creates a ghostly effect when taking a photo of something or someone moving and can really make the colors a bit crazy. I really like using this technique as the result is something a bit abstract, which I enjoy. The first image is obviously two images put together and made into bw. The second is the true colors that were created, just enhanced the saturation. The third image was not using the bulb setting, just a low shutter speed. The fourth image is a more straight image playing around with perspective. Looking at these four together really gives you a sense of what can be produced from the same sitting. A wide variety, for the good or the bad.


“Think of me what you will, I’ve got a little space to fill” ~Tom Petty


“I set fire to the rain and I threw us into the flames” ~Adele


“She a pyre incarnate incinerate An inferno turned to flesh” ~Peter Steele


“Any old actress worth her salt outta know
The higher you are you want to see what’s below” ~ Melora Creager