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These three shots were taken when we moved into our super cheap, tiny, old apartment. It was nice to be on our own again and have our family back together. However we moved from a large three bedroom house to a small two bedroom apartment. Our bedroom didn’t even have a closet! When the movers left the place had boxes stacked from floor to ceiling in every room. There were even boxes in the backyard. We spent the next month or so going through everything we owned, throwing away stuff, giving things away, taking loads of stuff to the Goodwill and storing things at my parent’s house. It was an overwhelming process. Now that we are out of there I wish I would have kept some of the things we got rid of. Although it was nice to purge and have less crap. The first shot was in our bedroom after we had made it “livable.” You should have seen it before. The second shot was in my favorite room in the place, the bathroom. It was big, spacious, had a closet and a window with plenty of light. I was standing in front of our new shower curtain with the window light coming in from behind. The third shot was on the back porch with the sun low in the sky. I took all three with the borrowed Nikon D40. I like all three of these photos, even though it was a stressful time in my life. I did manage to find the good in the experience, but I am glad we don’t live there any longer.


“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” ~Elbert Hubbard


“If you go, go in Peace it makes the flowers sweeter along the path.” ~Mike Dolan


“It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” ~ Crowfoot


Two hundred and thirty four

I really love this photo! It was evening and the sun was shining just right through the window of my old bedroom at my parent’s house. My daughter and I were hanging out. She was playing on the floor and we had the radio on. I decided to take some shots using the lovely light. It took a few trys to get the angle and composition right. It came out better than I anticipated. I love the lighting, composition and reflection. The reflection looks so different from what I myself look like in this photo. It really brings up questions about perception and reality. The fish bowl theory comes to mind. How a fish in a bowl sees the world distorted through his molded glass. Is that how we see the world? Through our distorted eyes, views, beliefs and experiences? Just a little deep philosophical thought for you. Discuss! 🙂


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” ~Leo Buscaglia


Another reflection in the kitchen window. I was first interested in this shot as I was at the sink, probably rinsing dishes off, and saw the cool reflection of my full bloom orchids on the glass. Then I noticed how the light was hitting my face and that I was actually having a good hair day. I went and got my camera, set it on a slow shutter speed and took a few shots. There were a couple good ones, but this was the best. I’m very happy with this one, I didn’t have to do much to it, just bump up the lights. Oh how I love reflections and the abstractions they create with shapes and color.

“Blank face in the windowpane   Made clear in seconds of light   Disappears and returns again   Counting hours, searching the night” ~Mikael Akerfeldt

One hundred & thirty

I think this was a Saturday or Sunday morning. My daughter was in her room watching some kids playing outside. I took some photos of her looking out the window and the lighting was so nice I decided to take my photo too. I like how the light makes different lines and shapes. It would be a good idea to keep that in mind for future shoots.

“Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.  It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.  It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.”  ~Michael Strassfeld

 Photo of my daughter.

One hundred & twenty

There was some reason I was looking out the window, now I don’t remember what it was. All I remember about this one was grabbing my camera thinking I could get a good shot of me looking out the window. I don’t think I was succesful. I’m not happy with this shot, it wasn’t what I was envisioning. It’s not horrible, but not great. I like using the vignette look, but I think it can be used too much.

 “I stare out the window and wait for spring.” ~Rogers Hornsby


I’ve always been interested in reflections, not just from a photography stand point, but in general. They catch and hold my attention. This night I was in the kitchen cooking, as usual. I had just dumped a pot of boiled potatoes in the strainer in the sink. All that steam caused some major condensation on the window. I grabbed my camera and snapped some shots. I really enjoy this photo. I love abstractions anyway and this one is great. All the lines, shapes and spots from the watery window plus the pattern of the screen create an interesting atmosphere for my face to be amongst. I chose the quote because I had had a rather bad nightmare the night before and it was still on my mind.

 “A dream has power to poison sleep.”  ~Percy Bysshe Shelley


The next day I was feeling more like myself. We were getting ready for my in-laws to come for a visit. Both of our cars needed to be cleaned bottom to top and inside and out. It was another warm day here in Central Texas. We spent the afternoon washing the cars. The sun was bright and I couldn’t help but notice that my reflection in the glass was very strong. I took a moment to run for my camera and snap a few shots. Not the best photo, but it was documenting my day. I would like to do more with reflections.

 “Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?” ~Calvin and Hobbes


Day eighteen turned into day nineteen. I believe this is the first time I skipped a day. I say, whatever, I make my own rules. I say as long as I keep going eventually I will end up with 365 photographs, which equals a year. I had just gotten home from my class, put the baby down for a nap and had to take a shower, had to! First I grabbed the camera and set up a nice shot at the window. I was just winging it and wanted to get a quick shot. Turns out this would take much long than I anticipated. I couldn’t get myself in focus and/or in the frame. Eventually I got it, this was the last shot. I wanted to keep some of the color, but not all, so I faded it out almost to black and white. Being an Army wife means that you never know what your future holds past about a week or two. This mean that I am forever wondering what is going to happen to us, hence the quote.

 “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is”. ~Author Unknown


I had seen a very similar photograph on deviantART a few days before. It was of a tall, thin woman, with decent sized breasts and rear-end, standing in front of a window so that the outline of her body created a curvy silhouette. I wondered what my body would look like in the same situation. On day 5 I tried it. I didn’t have enough time to get my tripod out and do it properly, so I pulled my husband’s sock drawer out a bit, stacked up a few pairs of socks and started snapping pics using the self timer. I didn’t take too many, the baby needed me. I ended up with a couple that I liked and edited those. As I was about to post it on Facebook I had second thoughts. Is this too provocative? Am I showing too much? What will my Grandma think? What will my religious friends think of me? I actually didn’t think about, hey am I too fat to show this? That was kind of a break through. I obviously don’t have the “perfect” body. I have a small back roll and a couple big front ones, but I like this photo and I like the way I look in it. I don’t think it’s too sexual and I am proud of it. So there inner voices! Take that!

  “How idiotic civilization is!  Why be given a body if you have to keep it shut up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle? ” ~Katherine Mansfield