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Instagram a Day: Day 8

After completing this project for a whole week I almost forgot to take a photo on day 8. Driving somewhere at dusk I snapped this photo of a large enclosed electrical outpost area. That’s the technical term you know. Due to the low light and movement it created an abstract effect. I love the giant spark plug looking things, another technical term. ūüėú


This series of shots was taken while I was rocking out to Type O Negative’s “I don’t wanna be me.” That song is awesome! The video is pretty cool too. I was singing and snapping shots. I had a ton of them, these were the best. I opened a new canvas in Photoshop the size that I wanted. I selected the parts from all the different photos, copied and pasted them into the new file. I made them all fit together. I’m sure that I then flattened the layers to make them all the same shade of sepia. I love the final product. It really captures the feel of the song.


“I dont wanna be, I don’t wanna be me, I don’t wanna be me anymore” ~Peter Steele

Video for “I don’t wanna be me”

One hundred & nine

I had been getting upset and paranoid about the end of the world¬†for weeks and weeks, too much negativity. I was listening to Jerry Cantrell’s Chemical Tribe over and over.¬†I think it made me feel better. I did some head banging, as one might do, so I set up my camera and took some shots. I like the effects I used on this shot. It’s not perfect and by far not my best work, but the more I think about it, it really fits that song. My favorite part is the beginning: “Should I live so long To see ’em dropping bombs Hope I have you near Check out what comes after here what comes after here.” That’s how I feel about it.

¬†“No last supper rite¬†Bitchslapped ‘fore you reached the table Born in ending times Possibly more truth than fable”¬† ~Jerry Cantrell