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New Adventures

It has been many moons since I posted anything in my blog. Life has been uber busy. We moved 2 hours away to the foothills of Virginia. I finished my 1st year as an art teacher.


Above my desk. 

I had my 3rd child, sweet little Scarlett, on April 22.


                                    IMG_3966                                                                                                                                                                              Just Born!                                                                                         Cutie!

My husband and I started a candle company; Dixie Candles: Southern Inspired Scents.

Which can be purchased in our Etsy Shop or through our website.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

And finally I started a new Etsy Shop: Piedmont Peddler to sell goodies that filter through my life. Where I have strange things like a Haggadah from 1965 and a rare ink bottle I dug up in our yard.

Looking forward to my new endeavors and starting my 2nd year of teaching!


Long Time No See

Hello WordPress World!

I haven’t posted a damn thing since August and now it’s… what… wait… January? Ok yeah it really is January, phew! Since my last post I have completed my student teaching, graduated from college with a BA in Fine Arts with a side of Cum Laude, applied for my teaching license, applying for jobs and should be substituting as early as next week! As you can see I have been uber busy. I would like to pick this up again as it helps my soul.

I still need to finish blogging about my 365 project; even though that seems like a life time ago. I would love to write more movie reviews. I have had the urge to write some poetry again lately. I suppose we will see where my mind wanders.

In the mean time check out my Instagram for lots of lovely photos from my life and surroundings.

Hope this new year finds you all happy and healthy!

Beauty Revelation

A few weeks ago on my trip to California, while staying with my Aunt, I took some photos of old photos of my Great Grandmothers and Grandma when they were young women. A week later I was showing these photos off and my Grandmother-in-law stated that they were all beautiful and that I came from a long line of beautiful women. That must be were I got it from. While I agreed that THEY were all beautiful, I blew off the idea of ME being beautiful. Yesterday was my birthday, I got dressed up and even put on make-up. I FELT beautiful. Last night as I was taking off my make-up, looking in the mirror, I had this revelation: If I think that the women in my family that came before me; my Grandmothers on both sides, my Great-Grandmothers on both sides and of course my own mother, the fact that I don’t find myself beautiful is not only disrespectful to them it also makes no sense! I AM THEM! I am made up of their genes, therefore I am them. If I think they are beautiful then I must be beautiful too. Not to mention I have the most beautiful daughter in the whole world and guess what? She looks just like ME! So… F this low self-esteem BS. It just doesn’t add up. I know I will have lows points, but I’m done thinking that I am not beautiful. I am stating here and now that I AM BEAUTIFUL! I am made up of little pieces of the beautiful women who came before me and I was fortunate to pass on those amazing genes to another little lady. So when you are feeling ugly, fat, worthless, and less than beautiful think on that for a while. I’ll try to remind myself of it too. 🙂

Been a Minute

I am always amazed at how much time slips by before I can come back to this site. My last post was from October! WTF? Well I know exactly what happened. 6 classes of college, including 2 teaching practicums, holidays, sicknesses, vacations, homework, homework, homework, oh and housework. Now I am finished with ALL of my college classes for my BA in Art Ed! All I have left is my student teaching in the fall and I will be graduating December 13! You just don’t know how exciting that is. It has been a loooooong time coming! Now I am free for the summer. Looking forward to making some art, blogging, working on various writings, traveling and spending time with my kiddos. As for this site I really want to get the 365 blogs finished, it has been too long. Hope you all are well! Glad to be back! 🙂


At the start of my summer our family went camping with the Cub Scouts at Thousand Trails in Gloucester, VA. This is my daughter looking out over the water in the early morning. That is how I feel about my summer. Standing on the edge and looking out at all its glory and potential. 🙂 

Life can be a Whirlwind

Blogging looks like it will be taking a break for a bit. I just started back at VCU. I’m taking 3 classes, but 2 are 400 level and 1 includes a teaching practicum. I am also preparing for the class I will start teaching in 3 weeks. On top of that my husband is also going to school full time, we have a 2 year old and our 8 year old is starting the 3rd grade next week. This weekend we are going to Indiana to visit family. When it rains it pours and right now I am overloaded with stuff to do. Not that I am complaining, I love having stuff to do, but because of that I may not be blogging as frequently as I was. I am very grateful to all my followers, there are over 100 of you now! Thanks to all who read, like and comment! I will be back when I can! Hope everyone is well!

As a little treat here are some photos from my 1st 2 days back at school. Enjoy!


 VCU the place for you! 1st day of school, 8/22 and my birthday!


My drive into the city takes me along the James River and in from the eastside.


I might be done with my 365 project, but I haven’t stopped taking self-portraits. Me walking by Monroe Park on Campus.

Teaching Job!

I am beyond excited! I went to an interview Wednesday for a teaching position. It is for the Adult Continuing Education program teaching a digital photography class. Between my resume and references it wasn’t even an interview. It was hey, nice to meet you, here is the job! Teaching photography is what I really want to do! I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to do so. Especially when I am still finishing my Art Ed degree. I feel like I am setting myself up for great things and this is just the beginning. 🙂

Little Kid Lingo

Some funny words my son has said instead of the correct words.


Chicken Dots or Pops=Chicken Pox

Golden Ladies=Golden Girls

“Where you going silly boy?”=”Where you going city boy?” (In the Primus song “My Name is Mudd”, taken from the movie Deliverance)

Smack-a-roni and Cheese= Macaroni and Cheese

Jusappear= Disappear

Shog= Shock

Kinga Burger= Burger King

“Do you have your silly brain on?”

Imaginized= Imagined

Whenever I asked him how he learned something he says, “I thought it with my brain.”

Pern hour= Per hour, as in I was going 55 mph pern hour

Yogrit= Yogurt

Girl Cheese= Grilled Cheese

Yestermorning or Yesternight= Yesterday but referring to the time of day. I think this makes much more sense that just saying yesterday. 🙂

Ihog= Ihop

Cafri Sun= Capri Sun, even after he could read he argued that it was Cafri.


Time to start adding my daughter’s:

Monkey Cheese=Mac and Cheese


Cracker Fish=Goldfish Crackers


Ti Tat=Kitty Cat


Ship Shops=Flip Flops





I’m baaaack!

I have been away from my blog for almost a year. So much has happened since then. We did move from Texas to Virginia. My husband finished the Army and is about to start his 3rd semester of college. We lived in a super small apartment and now live in the house we lived in before the Army. Talk about weird! I worked at a daycare for a month and a half. Then I worked the rest of the school year as a Special Ed Instructional Assistant for a public elementary school. I loved that school and job! It made me realize that teaching is what I really want to do. I am currently working the same position for summer school, different school, different kids, but still loving it. I have been accepted back into the Art Ed program at VCU! I start back on my birthday, 8/22! 3 semesters and I will finally have my BA, closely followed by my teaching license and then I can move on with my career. This also means that moving to a new place might be necessary. Art teaching jobs are few and far b/w. I will have to take what I can get, wherever I can get it. For now I don’t need to worry about all that.

As for my 365 project, which is what this blog was started for, I have 1 photo left! #365 is in the works. I want it to be awesome and reflect this long drawn out process. I’m not really sure what it will be yet. Perhaps writing these blogs again will help me figure out the best image. So for now, bear with me as I trudge through the next 200 photos that span well over a year. My memory will not be the greatest and the images vary as I used cell phones and a borrowed camera; until I finally got my camera fixed toward the end of this project. Here goes nothing…

Moving and other things.

I will be making a move from Texas to Virginia in a little over a week. Once I get there I don’t know how much time I will have to blog. I’ll be temporarily living with my family while we look for a house. I will also be getting a job, something I haven’t had since 2009. I will be away from my husband for 3 months while he finishes up his contract with the Army. Needless to say I will be going through a ton of changes and may not have much time for any extras. I may be able to throw in a couple blogs here and there, but don’t count on it. Another thing is my camera broke on me earlier in the month, so I’m really behind on my 365 project as well. Not going to give up on it, it will just take longer than it already has. I really appreciate those of you who have followed my blog, left likes and comments. I hope to be back sooner than later. For now take care and I’ll see you on the flip side. 🙂


The “To Do Before I Die” List

Was inspired today to make such a list. In no particular order:

1. Go back to California

2. Go to Hawaii

3. Go to Australia

4. Go to Europe

5. Sell a piece of art for more than $100

6. Hike to the top of a mountain

7. Meet my goal weight

8. Have a past life regression done

9. Publish a book

10. Get my Bachelor’s degree

11. Run a mile in under 10 minutes.

Italicized and Marked through have been completed! Updated 7/19/2016