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Instagram a Day: Day 7

Christmas morning, after all the unwrapping, our cat Odin laid down on the coffee table amongst the gifts. He usually wants to be where the action is and he loves to lay on uncomfortable items, like scissors. I love this photo of him on the wonderful book “The Snowman”, which was a gift to my husband.




My family and I recently watched Hugo one and a half times. One and half times you ask? Yes, one and a half times, because my husband stopped watching and then had to leave half way through the first time. This award winning film was directed by the man himself, Martin Scorsese, known for his darker adult works like Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. Something you may not know about him is that he has one of the largest private collections of old films. I once had a film professor in college that had worked for Scorsese. His job was to keep up with the massive film collection that Scorsese has protected and preserved. So as I watched this film which has an underlying film history story I was not surprised in the slightest.

The movie is based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. The movie starts out with an enduring story about an orphaned French boy whom lives within the clockworks of a train station. He has to keep his occupation of said clockworks a secret from the train station guard. He steals bits of machinery from a toy shop owner and becomes friends with a bookworm girl. Most of whom are recognizable British actors and actresses. Without giving up too much of the plot, about half way through the film you find out some vital information about one of the characters. This is when the film history lesson rolls out in a beautiful array of scenes. Some original film clips are used from turn of the century movies, some of which I can only assume come from Scorsese’s own collection. This was his first film shot in 3D. Considering that I watched this at home two years after it was released I did not get to watch it in 3D. I can only imagine how it must have looked on the big screen through those black glasses. It is a remarkably gorgeous film. You will be swept away in the details of every scene. It won 5 Oscars and a Golden Globe. Like most Scorsese films, it can be a bit disjointed and a little long winded; however, it is a fantastic movie. A must see for any film enthusiast, film student or film maker, plus it’s a fun family movie. 4.5 out of 5 stars from this chica.

Short Story Preview #3

Sneak Peek at short story #3: “A Brief History of a Life”, 1st paragraph
“She sat in the one room house with the dirt floor in a crude wooden chair starting at a dead owl hanging upside down in front of her. She reached out and gently touched the feathers with her fingertips. They were black, white and grey with flecks of brown. The owl was large or maybe it just seemed large compared to her small frame. She seemed to be 11 or 12 years old. She had light coppery colored hair pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head. She was wearing a shin length dress that was so faded it seemed almost devoid of color. She was thin, pale and frail looking. She grabbed the owl’s wing with her bony fingers and pulled it until it was completely stretched out. She sat in silence by herself; she was always by herself, folding the wing back and forth. She was quietly observing how it worked, how it moved and watching the beautiful feathers slide in and out. It was mesmerizing.”
I am working on a book of short stories. So far I have three completed. I would like to get two more completed and then self-publish the collection.
Sneak Peek at short story #2: “Elaine’s Adventures in Reality”:
“She was starting to feel back to normal when at quarter to 4:00 Norm Poleski came bursting through the door. His brown suede coat got caught on the handle, he cursed under his breath and yanked it back into his possession. Norm was the regional manager of all things business for J.D. Constantine Inc. He was their boss and they rarely saw him. He usually popped in once a month or so to check on things. He would give them some new rules to follow and then praise them for their hard work. He was always out the door as quickly as he had come in.
He was not expected on this particular day and he freighted the two women as his large bulk stumbled through the door. Norm’s thin brown hair was especially greasy this day and it stuck up in every direction. Despite the slight coolness of the day Norm’s red, blotchy face was coated in a layer of sweat. He was obviously not having a great day, after having to make an unexpected trip to Sutherford Glen.
“Girls,” Norm’s loud voice boomed, “I have some terrible news. I’m not sure you have been noticing our sales volume has been down over the past six months.” Of course they had, they entered every monetary amount that flowed in and out of the company. They both hadn’t thought much of it. Over the winter things usually were a bit slow.
“Well,” Norm continued, “J.D. has decided to downsize and he won’t be needing the data entry department any longer. He is going to outsource to a foreign company. I really hate to give you such short notice, but today is going to be your last day. Just leave everything here, take your personal effects and leave the key in the mail box out front. Someone will be by this weekend to clean this place out. Your last checks will be deposited as normal. I am really sorry girls, if you need anything let me know. I’m real sorry.” And without even letting Elaine or Sally say a word Norm turned and burst back out the door leaving the two woman staring at each other in disbelief.”
I am working on a book of short stories. So far I have three completed. I would like to get two more completed and then self-publish the collection.
A sneak peek at my first short story. The working title is “The After Journal.” Here is the first paragraph, enjoy!
“When the bombs went off there was much confusion. Perhaps it was an earthquake, a gas line rupture or a plane crash, but when we saw clouds of smoke and debris high in the air through the window of our small apartment, we knew. Deep down we had known something was going to happen, we just didn’t know what. There had been so much speculation about aliens, zombies, war, weather, etc… Everyone had their opinion, and you know what they say about those. For over a year I had woken up every morning with the feeling of anxiety and despair in the pit of my stomach. I had just been waiting. Waiting for something to happen and I knew it would be horrid, whatever it was. Boy was I right.”
I am working on a book of short stories. So far I have three completed. I would like to get two more completed and then self-publish the collection.

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