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Instagram a Day: Day 6


A very wet, rainy December day. It is magic what water can do to objects. How it can transform them from something mundane to something much more interesting. Water droplets in particular can make the world look so different, if you look through them. 😉 I really love this photo. I think it is one of my best from this project so far.


Three hundred and seven

I don’t always wear makeup, but when I do I usually take a photo of it. 😛 I like this photo of myself. It’s a bit pixely, but that’s ok. Unlike 306, this was a good hair day, haha. I like this quote too, so true. Some people are transformed when they smile. 🙂


“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.” ~Charles Gordy

Cloud Atlas


It took my husband and I three times to make it through this film, I kept falling asleep. I wasn’t falling asleep because it was boring, just because we wouldn’t start watching it until late at night. I would already be exhausted from getting up before 6 every morning for work. I saw the preview for this film while watching Looper in the theater. The preview gave me goose bumps and I knew I wanted to see it. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it in the theater, although my husband did.

It is a film developed from a novel by David Mitchell. The film was written, directed and produced for the screen by some German folks, Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. It took four years to get enough backers to fund the film. It cost $102 million, making the record for most money ever spent on an independent film. It is extremely difficult to follow. It takes place in six different time periods, in six different places, with six different story lines. These story lines do not go in chronological order, but rather flip and skip around with little to long snippets from each; all muddled up together. The stunning cast plays different characters throughout the six different plots.  (You can’t go wrong with Tom Hanks, another great reason to see this movie.) The acting and make up are amazing. Even at the end you are still trying to figure out which actor played which part in which time.

At the end of the film my husband and I had a long discussion about what it all meant. Was it past and future lives? Were they all happening at once? What exactly was going on? Why did this person change? Why did this person become a certain way? I can personally say that the main reason I wanted to see this movie is because I thought it dealt with the past and future lives of the same souls; I am very interested in the topic. I can not say if that is all that was going on in this film. I feel that there was much more that I may not even be understanding. I think that is what is great about it. It leaves you thinking and for absolute certain it has rewatchablitly. My husband saw it for the 2nd time with me and he said he picked up on new things that he missed the first time. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. It losses a point only because it was so hard to follow. If you feel like watching a film that is going to make you think, question your reality and tickle your visual taste buds don’t miss out on Cloud Atlas.