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Instagram a Day: Day 5


Back in November I went to an Art Ed conference and participated in a Zentangle workshop. I totally fell in love! One of the things we made was a bookmark. This gave me the idea to make them as Christmas gifts for people that I might not otherwise have gifts for. That is just what I did! Using watercolor paper, a hole puncher, yarn and the supplies from the workshop I made a bunch of them. I even talked my husband into making one too! This photo is a little glimpse into the finished products.


I just added tons of magnets to my Etsy Shop. These are all handmade by me, using original photos and drawings. Check them out!

magnetset1 magnetset2 magnetset3 magnetset4 magnetset5 magnetset6 magnetset7 magnetset8 magnetset9 magnetset11 magnetset12 magnetset13 magnetset14

My husband and I were in our covered driveway drawing with sidewalk chalk with our toddling daughter. She loves to draw, even at an early age. We had a good time this day. Doing something simple as a family can be so rewarding. This is a fun overhead shot. I was attempting to get the chalk drawings in the frame. You can see a little bit.


“If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point.” ~Antonio Porchia

chalk1My cutie pie drawing with chalk.

chalk2 Father and daughter drawing.

One hundred and seventy

This photo was taken in Austin, Texas. I had been invited by a friend in the Killeen Civic Art Guild to participate in an art exhibit through the Taylor Art Guild. The exhibit was to create a piece of French themed art in pastels for a display outside of a grocery store. The store was featuring a French themed fest complete with a band playing French songs. I created this piece of the Rock Cliffs of the Normandy Coast and so named.


It was a super awesome trip. I only sold a few magnets, but I got to spend the day with good friends and met a bunch of new people. Plus on the way home we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant. Overall it was a wonderful experience. One that created some great memories that I will ever forget. I miss those art friends in Texas. Perhaps one day I will go back to visit.


“All art requires courage.” ~Anne Tucker

Side note, I have since ruined those capris. I got bleach all over them when I was cleaning our apartment. Today I wore them to give the dog a bath, haha.

One hundred & ten

I was at the Killeen Civic Art Guild on a Saturday working on my ceiling tile. We are painting them for the local VA hospital.  I set my camera on the table and set the self timer. After about the 5th time everyone was wondering what the beeping was, haha. I love this shot. I love to create art and this captures that love. I also love going to the art guild, having a place to create art and a group of other creative people to be around.

“There is in every artist’s studio a scrap heap of discarded works in which the artist’s discipline prevailed against his imagination.”  ~Robert Brault


Day Ninety found my son and I at the Killeen Civic Art Guild.  He was sorting mat board for them, he loves to work. I was working on my ceiling tile. We are painting pretty things on ceiling tiles for the local VA hospital, so the vets have something nice to look at. When my son came across these mat board circles this was the first thing I thought. I got out his markers and drew these goofy eyes. It took a few trys to get a good shot, they didn’t want to stay in place, hence the crooked eye. I like this one. It’s creepyishly fun.

“Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.” ~Christopher Morley